Marriage and Family Ministries wants to be a part of helping you keep your family strong, healthy and vibrant. Through marriage enrichment, pre-marital counseling, gatherings and much more, we want to walk alongside you and your family, encouraging healthy communication and happy homes.

Hosanna offers a variety of resources to help your family be everything that Christ wants it to be.

Community Life Workshops

During the Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer various workshops are offered to the community to help you and your family with:

Marriage Enrichment
Single Issues
Divorce Recovery
Stress Management
Grief & Loss
Conflict Resolution & Communication

Look for upcoming workshops on our Event Calendar

Pastoral Counseling

We are privileged to serve you as you seek greater understanding of God’s truth and provision for healing lives and restoring destiny. We offer a variety of Pastoral Counseling ministries to help you on your journey.

Individual Pastoral Counseling

Pastors at Hosanna Church provide biblical counseling to assist people in resolving issues and promoting spiritual growth of persons.

Crisis Counseling:

Pastors at Hosanna Church provide Crisis counseling to assist individuals in crisis to resolve issues that are causing people to be stuck in their problems and to assist with making choices, and helping a person to identify resources available to help the person move on to independence.

Marriage Counseling:

Pastors at Hosanna Church provide Marital Counseling to help resolve couple conflicts and to promote communication and spiritual maturity in the relationship by using Prevention Relationship Enhancement Program resources.

Pre-Marital Counseling:

Pastor at Hosanna Church provide Pre-marital Counseling through the use of professional instruments such as Prepare-Enrich and Prep Resources to assist couples in preparing a foundation for marriage.

Please contact the church office at (210) 618-4351 to make an appointment with a member of our Pastoral Team today.