Serving is a great way to grow, meet others, and discover your calling.  Part of being a healthy and thriving local Church family is being actively involved. We are a church that is all about God , who is all about people. God has a place of ministry for everyone to use their gifts and talents to build up the body of Christ. Hosanna  has a variety of Ministry Teams to get involved and help others. Want to get involved? Check out these ministries to see how you can get plugged in!

Discipleship Team

This team coordinates all discipleship ministries in the church.

  •  Nursery
  •  Children Church
  •  WNFL Wednesday Night For Learning (Adult, Youth, Children)
  •  Z-Life Youth Group (Junior and Senior High)
  •  Koinonia Small Groups
  •  Church and Community Seminars and Retreats
  •  BGMC
  •  Exploring Spiritual Maturity 201 Discipleship Class
  •  Equipping Ministry Leaders 500 Discipleship Classes

Worship Team

This team is responsible for leading the church in praise and worship.

  •  Hosanna Praise Team
  •  Soloist Ministry
  •  Sound Ministry
  •  Choir (Adult, Youth, Children)
  •  Video Projection/ Computer Ministry
  •  CD/ DVD Duplication Ministry
  •  Worship Dance Ministry

Fellowship Team

This team coordinates church hospitality and church social ministries.

  • New Member Follow-up Ministry
  • Church Events Coordination Ministry
  • Hospitality Ministry
  • Coffee Reception Ministry
  • Exploring Church Membership 101 Discipleship Class

Ministries Team

This team coordinates specific ministries of the church.

  • Prayer Ministry
  • Men’s Honor Bound Ministry
  • Joyful Hearts Women’s Ministry
  • Usher/Greeters Ministry
  • I6 Single Adult Ministry
  • Young Married Ministry
  • Single Parent Ministry
  • Senior Adult Ministry
  • Recreation Ministry
  • Exploring Personal Ministry 301 Discipleship Class

Outreach Team

This team coordinates all evangelism and missions of the church.

  • New Visitor Follow-up Ministry
  • Evangelism Training
  • Church Outreach Events Ministry
  • Missions (Foreign & Home)
  • Multi-Site Church Planting Ministry
  • Discovering My Mission 401 Discipleship Class
  • New Believers Foundation 100 Discipleship Class

Administrative Team

This team is responsible for the administrative work of the church.

  •  Church Treasurer/Accounting
  •  Church Office Secretary
  •  Church Fundraising
  •  Church Public Relations/Marketing

Community Development Team

This team is responsible for community development.

  •  Non Profit Organization
  •  Grant Writing
  •  After School Program
  •  Senior Citizen Program
  •  Day Care
  •  Christian Academy School K-5thgrade
  •  Community Education Programs
  •  Community Mental Health Counseling/ Health Program
  •  Community GED
  •  Community ESL
  •  Community Center
  •  Food Bank

Creative Arts Team

This team coordinates the creative arts ministries of the church.

  •  Drama / Theatre Ministry
  •  Dance Ministry
  •  Visual Arts (Photography, Ceramic, Painting, Crafts, Sculpting, Film)
  •  Literary Arts (Poetry, Writing)
  •  Lighting and Stage Handlers

Deacon Team

This team coordinates the physical needs ministries of the church.

  • Facility/ Grounds Team
  • Hospitality Team
  • Helping Hand Ministry Team
  • Food Bank Team

Recreation Ministry Team

This team coordinates recreational ministries of the church.

Arts/Crafts Hobbies
Drama Activities

Healing and Recovery Ministry Team

This team coordinates all healing and recovery ministries.